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Complete Digital Management & Strategy

In today's world companies need to have an effective digital marketing strategy in order to find new customers and to maintain and grow their existing customers. The problem is that many companies , especially B2B and manufacturing, are far behind in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategies (DMS) focuses on what is really important to a business attracting qualified visitors through search engine optimization and content marketing and improving the conversion rate of site users. Its no longer just SEO or User Experience or Social media by individually by how they all come together to provide what companies want most, IMPACT! either through e-commerce sales, lead generation, calls or contact form competitions. DMS is one of the only agencies that does root cause analysis and comprehensive competitive research. We also harness the power of analytics to extract custom data that is actionable not just a pretty dashboard graphic. Maybe that is why 90% of our clients are marketing agencies, website design and development companies and advertising agencies.

If you are tired of spending money on cookie cutter SEO and Marketing companies, look to where the professional turn to for comprehensive research, monitoring, and consulting that drives real profitable impact!
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a critical part of your digital strategy from keyword research to relevant content we offer complete monitoring and management programs to keep you ahead of your competition. 


SEO Website Analysis

Advanced SEO Assessments

We provide one of the most in depth assessments designed to identify strength and weekends for new websites being designed or for existing websites that are not effectively delivering results. <<<More

Lead generation services

Lead Generation Managed Services

Our managed services program is a complete turnkey digital marketing management program. From your websites SEO to custom tailored analytics that capture real users and then converts them into marketing campaigns and qualified leads.


Video marketing & production

Video Optimization

We help to identify ways to increase the effectiveness of your Online videos. We help companies optimize both their videos and their channels to achieve top placement in both YouTube and Google search results. We can also create custom analytics to see how effective the video is to your target viewers and how well it drives people to your website.


Go Beyond Simple SEO and Analytics - It's Time for Complete Strategic Digital Management

If you are like a lot of companies we have met with over the years, digital marketing is frustrating, expensive, and requires a lot of hard labor. You have one company building your website, one optimizing it , one for social media, and one for email marketing. You spend a lot of time and money on different marketing elements but most people cannot tell you how their strategy actually works. A considerable amount of web and digital marketing companies offer services but lack the full understand of how to integrate the technical programs to the real life metrics of your company. Remember most interactive companies are either graphic or IT savvy but are not as strong in the sales and marketing arena for a company, especially in the B2B and manufacturing markets.

Digital MarketingMany companies will never be able to reach an ROI on digital marketing because it was never set up properly in the first place. Most people view digital marketing as a giant digital check list, We have a website, check! We have a Blog, check! We are optimized, check!  They go through the motions but lack an overall plan to tie these activities to your business goals and tactics resulting in no target to aim for or goal to achieve.

One of the best tools for measuring a website and related digital content is Google analytics.  The biggest problem is that most people never setup the program or learn how to use reports to give you relevant information that helps you understand your audience and see the effectiveness of your website, social media, and email campaigns.
Digital marketing strategy is the formal process of developing a complete marketing life-cycle and detailing the  related activities to drive qualified leads to your business.  Strategy starts  with your business goals first and then working your way through tactics, goals and performance indicators.  By benchmarking the effectiveness of your website, social media  and paid advertising you can determine where your strengths and weaknesses are and adjust accordingly.

With this information you can optimize web pages and content to drive specific targeted traffic to your website and digital content with appropriate social media and an effective email campaigns using multi channel messaging. You can then track usage and other data points in analytics to determine your target audience's interests as well as other information to help improve your content and to build a persona of your target customers. You can also segment the different types of customers and build their preferences. Finally you can harvest real users through IP identification and using multiple dimensions to build an Online profile of their interests and usage.

Through additional intelligence gathering, you can determine a list of actual contacts that have used your website or social media to develop a messaging campaign to deliver targeted messages that match their preferences. By using a multi step campaign, you build awareness, establish value and turn a cold prospect into a warm lead.


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